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  • What is included in the DK Rolls Pro Painters workstation package?
    DK Rolls comes as seen on the pictures and includes 3 plastic baskets, 2 clamps, 3 hooks, 2 trays. The workstation does not include as seen on the pictures paint bucket or any other painters' and decorators' specific tools and accessories. These are included in the pictures for representation purposes only.
  • Where can I purchase DK Rolls?
    You can purchase DK Rolls on our website. Just press the Shop Now button or visit our Shop page.
  • What is DK Rolls made of?
    The frame of DK Rolls workstation is made of metal, that is what is makes is robust and longlasting. The castors are made partially of plastic, partially metal and are intended for industrial purposes. The hooks are made of metal. The trays are made of endurance coated ply wood. The baskets are made of plastic. The handles are made of foam material. The clamps are mainly made of plastic with metal parts.
  • Where are DK Rolls crafted?
    Our trolley is designed, crafted and assembled in the EU, mostly UK. All accesories are made in the EU and cover EU safety regulations.
  • What is the delivery time?
    We aim to dispatch our trolleys within 5 days after they have been ordered.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Currently we ship for FREE within UK. For deliveries outside mainland UK and EU shipping charges may apply and this product may be subject to import fees. These are not covered by Deno Kalimano Ltd.
  • Where can I buy additional accessories?
    All our accessories provided with DK Rolls are easily available in various stores around UK and the EU. Please contact us for more information on the same or similar products, stores and suppliers.
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